Couples Therapy

Perth Counselling Service offers counselling for couples.

Narelle works with couples to build healthy ways to discuss conflict and develop a relationship that gets better as the years go on. Narelle uses evidence based approaches to help couples learn to deepen their friendship, share appreciation for each other, manage difficulties and support each other’s dreams. Her counselling is shaped by the “sound relationship house” developed by John and Julia Gottman (diagram below) and she has trained as a Level 2 Gottman counsellor.

The assessment process requires four sessions.

  1. An initial session together addressing the reason for counselling.
  2. Both members then undertake an online questionnaire about the relationship which takes about 45 minutes each to complete.
  3. Once the questionnaire is completed the couple are invited to an individual session to discuss their personal history. There are no secrets in this session, anything discussed can be raised in the couple sessions.
  4. The couple return to discuss the results of the information and develop a goal for therapy.

The following sessions are based on this assessment and work with the couples’ plan for therapy. Usually this will involve recognising when we are flooding (overwhelmed and unable to hear what our partner is saying), ways we sabotage relationships and helpful ways to communicate our needs and deepen our relationship.

This approach has been effective for couples experiencing a wide range of issues. It has brought change to couples who feel they are drifting apart, in relationships that have been effected by affairs or addictions and with those who have experienced trauma in the past.

Cost for couple therapy is $150 per session.

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